The local association CTA/NEA/Chapter is the foundation of the United Education Profession. The Chapter President is a key leader, essential for providing strong representation for members through effective organization.

The leadership role of Chapter Presidents is to organize, manage, advocate, communicate and speak with and for the members.

What is a Chapter?

A Chapter is a group of teachers in a school district who have joined together to help each other pursue their common desires. To put it succinctly, a chapter is its membership.

The function of the chapter is to meet the felt needs of its members with a program responsive to those needs. Therefore, the chapter needs a structure that enables member issues to be identified, as well as leadership capable of building the unity and cohesion necessary for effective representation.

In Unity There Is Strength!

A basic, primary reason for joining together is the assumption that certain needs can be met through collective action, which could not be accomplished alone. The individual first joins with others in the same employer unit to form a chapter. The affiliation with California Teachers Association (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA) extends member benefits with state and national resources. The overriding purpose is that such expanded affiliation will produce an ever-greater capacity to meet individual needs.

Strength and Power through collective action is what the chapter is all about. The act of joining provides necessary resources, but maximum strength is achieved only when each individual understands that the fulfillment of his/her needs depends upon reciprocal support of all the other members. Helping members to understand this fundamental premise is one of the greatest challenges of the chapter president.

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining of negotiations is a process for employer-employee relations. Representation in employer-employee relations is a primary function of local associations and is legally restricted to only those chapters which have been recognized or certified as exclusive representatives under the Educational Employment Relations Act. It is, therefore, important for every chapter to achieve legal status as the exclusive representative.

Collective bargaining is not the only program or activity of a professional association. There will be many concerns and needs of professionals that are in addition to employer-employee relations. However, representation of employees and meeting the needs of members in this function is a prerequisite to other aspects of the professional program.

The Staff (Executive Director) assigned to the chapters provide professional assistance and can secure additional services and resources necessary for the success of the Chapter from CTA and NEA.